• Rouse Hill Estate
    Historic Buildings

    Rouse Hill Estate

    Rouse Hill Estate is probably my favourite historic place in Sydney. It is run and cared for by Sydney Living Museums but is still closed at the moment due to the pandemic. Given this, I thought I’d share some photos…

  • Songs of Home

    Songs of Home Highlights II

    Recently, the Museum of Sydney held an exhibition called Songs of Home fall about Australian musical traditions. I found that I had so many interesting artefacts and songs to share with you from the exhibition that I split my blog…

  • Songs of Home

    Songs of Home I

    A couple of weeks ago I visited Songs of Home (2019) an exhibition held at the Museum of Sydney. It has now finished but I have so many pictures and stories to share with you from it. Songs of Home…

  • Exhibitions

    Underworld at the Museum of Sydney

    What was Sydney like in the 1920’s? The decade following the Great War was known as the Roaring Twenties and books like the Great Gatsby epitomise the opulence and new freedom found by many during the period. I immediately think…