• Berrima
    Behind the Blog

    Top 5 Posts of 2020

    2020 was a bit of a whirlwind, wasn’t it! I had a lot more blog posts germinating in my mind than I actually wrote down and published. Though it is nice to look back at what I did manage to…

  • Jane Austen at Home
    Book Review

    Jane Austen at Home

    With so much more time available these days for reading, or at least motivation to immerse yourself in a book instead of the news, it’s high time for another book review! This time we’re looking at a non-fiction history book:…

  • Songs of Home

    Songs of Home Highlights II

    Recently, the Museum of Sydney held an exhibition called Songs of Home fall about Australian musical traditions. I found that I had so many interesting artefacts and songs to share with you from the exhibition that I split my blog…

  • Documentaries

    The Age of the Regency

    Just recently, I watched all three episodes of Lucy Worsley’s documentary Elegance and Decadence: The Age of the Regency. I was keen to find out more about the world that Jane Austen was living and writing in, and I wasn’t disappointed!…

  • Historic Buildings

    Why a Window Tax?

    A few weeks ago I posted on the documentary series If Walls Could Talk presented by Lucy Worsley. In the first episode Lucy talked about an English window tax. But why was this tax ever applied? Since asking myself this question,…