• Songs of Home

    Songs of Home Highlights II

    Recently, the Museum of Sydney held an exhibition called Songs of Home fall about Australian musical traditions. I found that I had so many interesting artefacts and songs to share with you from the exhibition that I split my blog…

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    Historic Buildings

    Ghost Signs of Sydney

    My interest was certainly piqued when I saw an article from the Sydney Morning Herald one evening about a ghost sign that had been unexpectedly uncovered on the side of a building in George Street, Sydney. In the next week,…

  • Exhibitions

    Winterfest 2017

    At the beginning of July, Hawkesbury Showground Sydney plays host to a medieval fair called Winterfest. Running over the weekend from 10 am till 5 pm, this fair is suitable for the entire family and for a range of medieval…

  • Objects

    A Glomesh Accessory

    “Good taste and Glomesh go hand in hand” – David Jones Advertisement, The Canberra Times, (1970 8 Oct.), p. 19 I have this lovely little Glomesh purse that was either my mother’s or my grandmother’s. I was given it when…