• copper kettle

    C is for Copper Pots

    A couple of years ago I started a series called Historical Objects A-Z. I have written about A, B and C so far, but have since had a bit of a break. I do have some objects lined up for…

  • Bligh Hero or Villian

    Bligh: Hero or Villain

    Bligh: Hero or Villain is an exhibition currently on display at the Australian National Maritime Museum. But who is Bligh? He is a part of Sydney’s colonial past but what is generally known about him really doesn’t cast him in…

  • Songs of Home

    Songs of Home Highlights II

    Recently, the Museum of Sydney held an exhibition called Songs of Home fall about Australian musical traditions. I found that I had so many interesting artefacts and songs to share with you from the exhibition that I split my blog…

  • Songs of Home

    Songs of Home I

    A couple of weeks ago I visited Songs of Home (2019) an exhibition held at the Museum of Sydney. It has now finished but I have so many pictures and stories to share with you from it. Songs of Home…

  • Camden Park House Open Day 2019
    Historic Buildings

    Camden Park House

    Have you ever been to Camden Park House? It is open once a year on the third weekend of September. I have wanted to visit it every year since I heard of its existence, which was about four years ago.…

  • War at the Edge of the World Cover
    Book Review

    War at the Edge of the World

    I have always been an avid reader who devours books left right and centre. But growing up, I feel that I read historical fiction novels more often than I do now. Recently my reading has mostly tended toward fantasy novels…