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Objects in Articles – May Edition

The new edition of Objects in Articles was a challenge to edit this month as so many articles had attracted my attention! Once again I’ve included a range of eras, cultures, and objects. The objects in these articles include ancient Roman artefacts, a 17th century map, a variety of antique sofas, 15 Indian forts, and, last but not least! a Viking army camp. I have also included a link to an online map pinpointing the archaeology of London. Enjoy!

  • Rome unveils ‘museum’ Metro Station packed with Hundreds of Ancient Artefacts found during Construction
    • At the end of the year San Gionvanni Station in Italy will need to be on every tourists bucket list! Well, it will certainly be on mine at least! While building the train station, countless artefacts and archaeological remains were excavated and more than 40 000 artefacts have been placed on display inside. The station has become a museum!
  • Rare surviving 17th Century Wall Map of Australia discovered in Italian Home
    • This article is inspired by the discovery of a map of Australia from c. 1659. It is one of the first to label Australia as New Holland. Images of related maps from the exploration period are included and the article also covers some of the history surrounding the Dutch mapping of Australia and Tasmania. It seems that much of Australia had been discovered before James Cook entered the scene!
  • Antique Couch, Sofa and Settee Styles
    • Fancy buying an antique sofa? This guide will get you started, briefly covering eleven different antique sofa styles. It’s pretty difficult for me to choose a favourite, but I think the indiscret sofa is the most curious. I tried to imagine where I would place it in a room though and, apart from in the middle, I’m at a loss to where it would fit! Check out number 3 if you’ve read Historical Inspiration for Beauty and the Beast and are interested in Rococo!
The architectural decoration found at Gwalior Fort, India. So intricate!
  • 15 Historic Forts from India
    • The forts (read ‘castles’ or ‘palaces’) featured in this article are incredibly striking. I have a fascination with castles, but up to now I have mainly focused on those from Europe and Japan. This article gives a short overview and images of 15 amazing forts/castles from India. Of these, the earliest was built c.967 and amongst them you will find moats, spectacular mountain settings, and stunning red sandstone crenellations.
  • Archaeologists Uncover Viking Army Camp
    • Archaeological study has recently been carried out at a site in Torksey, Lincolnshire which was the home of a Viking army for the winter of AD 872-3. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle actually records the ‘Great Army’ that camped here. Finds at the site include ingots, spindle whorls, game pieces and more than 300 coins, including some of Arabic origin. This site is important because it adds to the evidence of a change in the Viking game plan: from looting England to conquering it instead.
  • Tool: The Archaeology of Greater London
    • This tool is an online interactive map that pinpoints archaeological finds discovered in London from Pre-history to the Medieval period. The layers of the map are quite detailed so I’d advise investigating it on an Ipad or laptop. The map is a great tool for history enthusiasts, students of Roman England and history teachers who would like to teach their students how to use maps and archaeological evidence.

I’d love to hear which articles you enjoyed reading and what interested you the most. Please comment below!

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