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Objects in Articles – March Edition

Welcome to an Objects in Articles edition for March. Whilst I haven’t been writing the last month or so, I have been collecting articles, and I’m pretty keen to share them with you!

Top Five Articles for March

Stunning 3D Animations showcase the Internal Layout of the Roman Domus

Check out a 3D animation of an Ancient Roman domus; it’s complete with paintings, furniture, and religious and personal items bedecking the rooms. Made by Museum of Victoria and the Ancient Vine, this is a great resource for the Stage 4 and Stage 6 history programs for studying ancient Rome! Stay tuned for an upcoming post laden with lesson ideas to linked with this animation.

McMansions of the 20th Century: a History Lesson on Art Deco

I love looking out for art deco buildings as I travel around the Sydney region. There are so many to see and each has a different art deco flare. Find out more about the art deco style and how Australians made it their own, in this article from Domain.

What did Jane Austen Really Look Like?

But everyone knows we have a picture of Jane Austen, right? It’s the one with the brown curls framing her face, only just seen under her white cap! But is this really Jane Austen? This article takes a closer look at the images of Jane Austen. Are any really her?

Medieval Church Graffiti

I love this topic! With so many types of evidence that can be studied to discover more about the past, graffiti  often barely scrapes a mention. But graffiti can give us so much information about the common person and their everyday life. So take a closer look at everyday English lives as inscribed on church architecture in this article.

Gothic Church Ceiling

2,500 Year Old Mummy found in what was Thought to be an Empty Egyptian Coffin

An unopened coffin has been a part of the Nicholson Museum’s collection at the University of Sydney for 150 years. Thought to have been robbed in antiquity, the coffin was deemed to be empty. But no! Recent study (just in the last couple of months no less!) has found that the remains of a mummy are still inside and its study has begun.

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