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It’s almost the end of another year! The hectic Christmas season is certainly here, and it’s time to bust out the Christmas tunes. Memoirs of a Teapot is also close to one year old! The time has gone so fast and I am very pleased to have a group of readers supporting me and the blog, as well as enjoying all its posts. Since it is nearing the end of the year, I thought I’d include a round up of the ten most popular posts from 2017 on Memoirs of a Teapot. Some may surprise you!

The 10 Most Popular Posts of 2017

  • One: Historical Inspiration for Beauty and the Beast
    • Have you seen the new real life version of the classic fairy tale Beauty and the Beast? As well as enjoying the new movie adaption, I was fascinated by the cultural history that the story is set in. This post looks at the architectural style, fashion, and furniture design popular in France in the mid 18th century; the context of this classic love story.
  • Two: Spider Web Tea Set
    • This post tells the story behind a tea set with an intricate design of flowers and spider webs made in England. Find out when was it made and who made it in this post!
  • Three: Cause and Effect in the History Classroom
    • Cause and Effect is a key concepts of the new Australian History Syllabus. It’s so important for students to understand how to analyse past events in depth. So, this post includes a graphic organiser and tips for how to use it to help students analyse the causes and effects of historical events.

From Four to Ten

  • Four: Rubytone Tea Set
    • The Rubtyone tea set has a striking design but a past that is tricky to uncover. Find out more about how to research a tea set that you may own and what I have discovered about this tea set’s story so far.
  • Five: An Ornament’s Story
    • If you have old but much loved ornaments hanging around in your house this post will interest you. Can you remember where your ornaments came from? Perhaps they came from further afield than you realise! Find out more about a pair of ornaments that had a more interesting back story than I had imagined here.
  • Six: Silver Plate Butter Dish
    • These days, we don’t generally use silver home wares. For one, they have to be polished continually to prevent tarnishing! But in the past, silver table ware was incredibly popular so there are some really lovely and ingenious pieces out there. This post is about a butter dish with a nifty cooling function in a time before fridges.

Butter Dish

  • Seven: Objects in Articles – April Edition
    • A round up of articles current at April 2017. From ruined castles to Roman forts in England, from antique maps of Australia to recreating 19th century music, this post has plenty to interest the history enthusiast.
  • Eight: History Stage 1: Celebrations
    • Some ideas for how to teach the content of Celebrations in the Stage 1 Australian History syllabus using objects.
  • Nine: Medieval Sports – Jousting
    • Did you know jousting is growing in popularity as modern extreme sport? But jousting was first popular in medieval Europe; so what is jousting and what rules does it follow? Find out more in this post.
  • Ten: St Ives’ Medieval Faire
    • The St Ives’ Medieval Faire is a fantastic family event that runs once every year for an entire weekend in September in St Ives, Sydney. For medieval enthusiasts, and those looking for a fun day out, find out why you should make plans to attend the St Ives’ Medieval Faire in 2018 here.

St Ives' Medieval Faire

What is your favourite post from Memoirs of a Teapot in 2017?

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