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Memoirs of a History Blogger I

Time for a blog update! This is the first of (probably) many blog updates from a history blogger who loves to share the blogging process with you and the cool stuff she has been learning about the past.

General Things I’ve Learnt Recently:

  1. Blogging is hard. I have a certain standard of what my blog posts should look like and that they should be published as complete, comprehensive and as polished as possible. Unfortunately that just makes writing and researching even harder! Hence, the inaugural Memoirs of a History Blogger update post. I’ll be sharing off the top of my head any history related thing that has recently interested me. Let’s see how it goes…
  2. Podcasts are awesome. One of my work colleagues recommended a podcast called Dressed. One day I decided to check it out and before too long I was searching for more and listening to two podcast episodes day, minimum. I love learning; who’s with me! Later I’ll be sharing what I’ve been listening to lately.

History I’ve Learnt about Recently:

  • One scholar, Dr Miles Russell, has had a close look at the work of Geoffrey of Monmouth, the first author recording the story of King Arthur. Not the Arthur we know today, he was potentially based on 5 different real-life people known in the historical record. Check out the History Extra podcast ‘In Search of King Arthur’ 2017. I’ve always loved the Arthurian legends so I’m considering taking a look at Geoffrey’s work myself.
  • The most recent Medievalists podcast mentioned some rather interesting medieval stories. I was intrigued by the story of some medieval English bakers who managed to steal little bits of people’s dough when they came to the bakery to knead and then cook their bread in the available oven. What cheek!

In other news, Memoirs of a Teapot has joined Instagram! I’ve really been enjoying posting pictures of places and objects that I love and I generally pop in just a little bit of info about them too. Look it up! I’d love to have more followers, likes and comments from fellow history lovers.

My most recent blog post is a review on a new biography of Elizabeth Macarthur, wife of John Macarthur known for starting the Australian Wool industry. But Elizabeth certainly didn’t just stay at home and watch him do it! If you haven’t already, check it out.

That’s it for today. Will catch up with you soon. Time for some tea I think!

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