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History Podcasts I’m Loving

I’m loving podcasts at the moment! When you’re too tired to read or even watch tv, a podcast does the trick. I also enjoy listening when cooking dinner or doing jobs around the house. I can’t believe I’ve only just got into them! Here’s a few history podcasts that I’ve been listening to recently.

History Extra

The History Extra Podcasts are an extension of their magazine publication of the same name. They have heaps of podcasts covering a range of periods and topics from British history. They publish a new one every Thursday. I like the fact that often they interview academics. I quite enjoyed ‘Mary Beard’s Life in Classics’ and ‘The Secrets of British Castles’.

English Heritage

English Heritage currently have about 30 episodes on their podcast but seem to have started a new regular series. I really enjoyed an older series English Heritage did on Hadrian’s Wall.


An extension of the website, the Medievalist podcast is about anything medieval, no kidding! It’s quite fun to listen to and not information dense.

British Museum

The British Museum has recently started a new podcast series and there are four episodes available now. They are longer in length than the others I’ve mentioned, but they discuss exhibitions as well as specific objects in the collection in each episode. A new podcast comes out in the first week of every month.


Dressed is the podcast first recommended to me which got me into listening to podcasts. It is focused on fashion history and I enjoyed the episode explaining the meaning of the word ‘vintage’.

Go and enjoy too! Let me know below if you listen to another history podcast that you think is awesome.

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