Memoirs of a Teapot researches the past stories of objects and blogs all about them. Some objects featured on the blog include tea sets, brooches and medieval armour!

  • copper kettle

    C is for Copper Pots

    A couple of years ago I started a series called Historical Objects A-Z. I have written about A, B and C so far, but have since had a bit of a break. I do have some objects lined up for…

  • Brooches

    B is for Brooch Part II

    In B is for Brooch, we had a brief introduction to the history of the brooch and had a closer look at two 20th century brooches. I have two more pieces to have a look at today! The theme seems…

  • Martin Place Tree

    C is for Christmas Trees and Lights

    Memoirs of a Teapot aims to share what objects tell us about the past. So tune in for a new series discussing different historical objects from A-Z! Each post will include either the personal story of a specific artefact or…

  • Butter Dish

    Silver-Plate Butter Dish

    A Butter Dish This object is silver-plated and has a revolving domed lid turned by two ornate handles on either side. It is engraved with a flower pattern and has a glass dish under the lid where you would place…

  • Objects

    Wade’s Rubytone Tea Set

    Ever since An Ornament’s Story, I have planned to do a post on the Rubytone tea set owned by one of my family members and mentioned in the article. But sometimes, information can be incredibly hard to come by! So…

  • Jasperware

    Familiar Antiques – Jasper Ware

    Recently, I’ve been making an effort to scout out nearby antique stores and explore the many different objects within. I really enjoy the feeling of being surrounded by so many old world objects with countless long-forgotten stories. On these occasions,…

  • Objects

    An Ornament’s Story

    Found that you have a vast collection of ornaments? Looking at your collection, have you ever wondered where some of those ornaments came from? What was their story before they came to you? I have two little ornaments – a…

  • Objects

    The Captive Painting

    Have you seen this painting before? I was wandering through the Art Gallery of NSW a couple of months ago and this one caught my eye. It’s incredibly pretty and, I think subconsciously, reminded me of a character from a…