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6 Reasons why this Blog is for you!

Welcome to Memoirs of a Teapot!

Here are 6 reasons why this blog is for you!

  1. You love learning about the past.
  2. Looking for beautiful or quirky objects in antique and second hand stores is a hobby of yours.
  3. You like to learn through conversational, light-hearted, fun blogs.
  4. When you have time off, you enjoy visiting museums and historic buildings.
  5. As a teacher, you are always looking for more tips on how to use objects in history lessons.
  6. You love stories about real people, real places and real objects.

If you identify with one or more (or even all!) of these reasons, see below for where to head next!

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History Teaching Tips: Stage 1: Celebrations

Documentaries: The Age of the Regency

Exhibitions: Versailles: Treasures of the Palace

Objects in Articles

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