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    The Search for Richard III

    Search for Richard Front Cover

    The Search for Richard III is a retelling of the 2012 discovery of King Richard III of England buried in a carpark. It is co-written by by Philippa Langley and Michael Jones. I was delighted to find a copy hidden in a second hand book shop in Canberra and gave it a new home on my bookshelf! The Search for Richard III was my final read of 2020 and I am looking forward to share my thoughts about it with you. What’s it About? Richard III was the last King of England from the Plantagenet dynasty (read more about them…

  • Berrima
    Behind the Blog

    Top 5 Posts of 2020

    2020 was a bit of a whirlwind, wasn’t it! I had a lot more blog posts germinating in my mind than I actually wrote down and published. Though it is nice to look back at what I did manage to…

  • Sagaland Cover
    Book Review


    Sagaland has a very striking cover. It is a glacial ice blue with white letters. So it had caught my eye a few times in my local book shop. Earlier this year, with the pandemic providing me with more time…

  • Rouse Hill Estate
    Historic Buildings

    Rouse Hill Estate

    Rouse Hill Estate is probably my favourite historic place in Sydney. It is run and cared for by Sydney Living Museums but is still closed at the moment due to the pandemic. Given this, I thought I’d share some photos…

  • The Plantagenets
    Book Review


    I hope you’re all keen readers because I have another book review offering for you! Today, I’m reviewing The Plantagenets: The Kings who Made England by Dan Jones. It is a book of historical non-fiction which was published a few…

  • Jane Austen at Home
    Book Review

    Jane Austen at Home

    With so much more time available these days for reading, or at least motivation to immerse yourself in a book instead of the news, it’s high time for another book review! This time we’re looking at a non-fiction history book:…

  • Bretheren Book Cover
    Book Review


    Memoirs of a Teapot is now home to historical book reviews as I use my blog to inspire me to read more. I hope I can inspire you to read more too and help you choose what book to read…